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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Private Detective Agencies that Provide All Kinds of Private Investigations Services

If you are doubtful about anything related to any private affair of your life or any family matter and are reluctant to involve police, the first Indian detective agency is at your help. If you think your spouse is being disloyal or there is any suspicious activity or conspiracy among your relatives related to the property or any other issue, in case of any background verification, loyalty tests on partner, legal investigations etc. we provide the best services with our skilled investigators having the industry experience.

The private investigators of the First Indian detective Agency uses a number of technological ways in order to carry out an excellent level of investigation with sound and valid proof. These techniques may include:

  • ·         Audio inspection
  • ·         Long range camera work
  • ·         Night visualization photography
  • ·         Mobile examination
  • ·         Static surveillance

The usage of techniques depends upon the nature of case and type of proofs demanded by the client. Getting married in life is one of the biggest decisions in life. We make a decision of sharing the whole of our life with someone new. We let someone in our personal world with this relationship and it has no place for secrets. 

All these investigations are carried out in absolute secrecy maintaining the anonymity of our clients. We offer our clients the freedom of being anonymous if they wish to, as we understand the gravity of the situations and relation with the subject on investigation. The first Indian Detective Agency also offers you a full spectrum of corporate investigations that include pre and post-employment investigation services. We have the team of best detectives and spy agents who work dedicated to the assignment. The Corporate and business investigation that is divided into pre and post-employment counts for the criminal records, bankruptcy, references, credit checks, medical records, drug testing etc.

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Our detective agency carries out only the private investigation of all the cases taken up. With the team of the best industry experienced detectives, FIDA INDIA is one of the best detective agencies in Delhi and it has been successfully expanding all over the country rendering excellent services to its clients. If you are in any kind of doubtful situation, FIDA holds expertise in the following fields, do contact our detectives over email or phone call. 

The services offered by the private investigation agency are:
  • ·         Personal Investigation
  • ·         Matrimonial investigations
  • ·         Loyalty test Investigations
  • ·         Adultery
  • ·         Corporate Loan Investigation
  • ·         Surveillance Investigation
  • ·         Competitor Investigation
  • ·         Labor Cases detective
  • ·         Financial Fraud Investigation
  • ·         Employment Verification
  • ·         Skiptracing/Missing people

For any kind of investigation. Call us and set up a meeting.

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