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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Loyalty Test Investigation by Detective: First Indian Detective Agency

Since decades, age loyalty and human relationships have been weld together and their existence is nothing without either of them. Loyalty is similar to the taste of a cup of orange juice whose flavour can't be felt until the orange is completely wringed. In human heart, loyalty has a special place especially when it comes to marriages, where the entire relationship between the husband and wife is dependent on loyalty. If you are in a doubt that your spouse is cheating on you with someone else, or your spouse choice of perfume, clothes and shoes have changed, than choose FIDA investigation services that are conducted to clear your doubts immediately.

Whilst we like a person from the bottom to coronary heart; we totally and blindly consider that individual, however we do observe a few acceptance and knowing that everyone five palms cannot be the same in size, I tacit there are lots of married couples who are dwelling fortuitously and a few peoples who are very frank by using nature and a few are very malicious & proprietorial by means of nature and there are few who receives mesmerism through opposite intercourse and because of that they anxious in extra Marital relationships or cheated their boyfriend/female friend.

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Loyalty is being faithful to one’s oath engagements or obligations. Being faithful to one's allegiance to a government or state or to a person conceived as imposing obligation. In today’s time perfect and complete loyalty takes place very less in relationships. Now a days everyone are not able to make their relationship strong and lifelong because people not taking their relationship seriously and cheat their partner easily.

Process of loyalty test
  • ·         Identifying the suspect
  • ·         Observing activities and habits of suspect
  • ·         Sending our agents to build friendship and relationship with the suspect
  • ·         Make videos and take pictures
  • ·         Successful finish test

Identifying the Suspect- Identification procedures are used to accredit the police to obtain additional evidence against a suspect. The victim or any witnesses will be asked to visually identify the suspect as the perpetrator of the crime in question. Code D of the Code of Practice for the Identification of Persons by Police Officers is used by the police when deciding on the most appropriate identification procedure. The procedures are depict to test the witness’ ability to identify the person they saw on a previous occasion, as well as provide safeguards against mistaken identification.

Observing activities and habits of suspects-
Sending agents to build friendship and relationship with the suspect.
Making videos and takes pictures
Successful finish test

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