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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Experienced Detectives for personal Investigation at affordable price

In a private detective agency, a large share of cases include the personal investigation cases. The reason is clear and logical, these personal investigation services include all the issues related to family, relatives, relationships etc. which are related to your personal life and you do not prefer to let them out in public for people to make judgments about it. FIDA private detective agency is one of the best private detective agencies in Delhi and it has been extending all over the country and in other parts of the world with its excellent services provided to its clients with the help of its experienced team of detectives and investigators.

The First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) specializes in all kinds of investigation services but the personal investigation cases it undertakes and solves with expertise include the following:

  • ·         Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation cases
  • ·         Tracing Services of Missing / Absconding person
  • ·         Extra Marital Affairs
  • ·         Adultery / Cheating Partner
  • ·         Addiction / Bad Habits Verifications
  • ·         Fake Court Cases / Litigations
  • ·         Child Custody
  • ·         Income Verification
  • ·         Dowry and Divorce Detectives
  • ·         PIO/NRI Marriages and Problems
Detective Agency in Delhi, Private Detective Agency in Delhi

The personal investigation cases require supreme privacy and professionalism for a successful investigation. The team of FIDA detectives is highly professional, well trained and industry experienced. If you require help regarding any extra marital affair of your partner, video or audio proof, surveillance services etc. FIDA detectives are always there to help. You can call us and set up a meeting or email us on our contact and we will reply with a perfect tackling plan and investigation strategy to discuss as soon as we get the problem described by you. A few more cases that our expert detectives handle every day are as follows:

  • ·         Financial Cons and Fraud detection
  • ·         Inquiries relating to insurance claims
  • ·         Embezzlement of Corporate Assets
  • ·         Theft of trade secrets
  • ·         Pilferage of goods and materials
  • ·         Detection of forged manufacturing
  • ·         Counterfeiting of trade marks
  • ·         Investigation covering the areas like social status, financial standing
  • ·         Inquiries relating to sale-purchase of industrial units and financial positions
  • ·         Loyalty and integrity of associates

For any kind of the above given services, hire FIDA INDIA and get done with the investigation in the minimum time with best resources at reasonable and affordable price.

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