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Thursday, 10 May 2018

Don’t rush into marriage, think and investigate first with FIDA

Migrating to the capital city of Delhi is becoming very popular since a very long time by now. People come for their higher education, coaching classes for various competitive exams, get jobs and settle here. It has a variety of population from all over the country. With the diversity comes the difference of opinions, thoughts, etc. but life is unexpected. What if you meet someone in your own office, you think you are quite compatible and with time you decide to get married after getting to know each other. No doubts that your lovely relationship is based on trust and honesty but sometimes you do face moments of doubt, not exactly doubt at times but a few things you would want to dig more without having to have an effect on the relationship.

Detective Agency in Delhi, Best Detective Agency in Delhi

For all of such queries and doubts, the First Indian Detective Agency brings you the best matrimonial services in Delhi. We expertise in this field with our highly skilled team of detectives and private investigators who work on all kinds of complex cases related to the matrimonial issues. The FIDA INDIA detectives also work in the area of post matrimonial services which includes the dowry cases legal assistances, domestic violence, divorce cases; suggestions and legal assistance etc., child case custody matters.

In the field of detective services, we offer you the best matrimonial services in Delhi. Our expertise in the matrimonial services include:

·         Pre Matrimonial Investigation
·         Post Matrimonial Investigation
·         Divorce Case Investigation
·         Domestic Violence Cases
·         Child Custody Matters

In the recent years, the crimes in the area are also increasing exponentially. These criminal activities include many post matrimonial cases. Don’t think much and doubt your gut feeling. If you sense something fishy in the activities and behavior of your partner and in-laws even after a long time in your marriage, it might be something serious too. Extra-marital affairs, previous marriages, kids etc. it could be anything that has the ability to destroy your marriage. Get your life sorted before it is too late. Hire FIDA INDIA and get all the investigation done by our expert detectives and get your doubts and queries answered with valid proofs and documents.

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