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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi

While taking the important decision of getting married several questions arise in the mind about the partner compatibility, family, financial conditions, emotional satisfaction etc. Everything needs to be cleared out before settling into a new relationship with a person. Since, you would be sharing your entire life with someone new, it also becomes important to get your queries answered and clear your mind. Now, the question is that how it would be possible to investigate on all these things. It is a laborious task and requires for experience. Hence, FIDA introduces you to the best team of matrimonial detectives in Delhi. We provide all kinds of matrimonial investigation whether pre or post matrimonial services.

The First Indian Detective Agency provides its expertise in many areas of matrimonial investigations. These include:

·         Pre Matrimonial Investigation

·         Post Matrimonial Investigation

·         Domestic Violence Cases

·         Child Custody Matters

If you think that you need to dig further about the family and financial background or even about the temperament of your would be partner before getting married, FIDA detectives can help you in this investigation in absolutely private manner. In any case of frauds and false information given by another party, FIDA will provide you with valid proofs and documents to make your case strong and pull you out of the unfavorable conditions.

Even after marriage, there are voids which you often find filled by doubts. If you sense skeptical behavior of your spouse or in-laws and don’t find yourself in a place of head on confrontation as it may fall back on you and add bitterness in your married life, get help from our detectives. With the help of latest technologies, we provide our clients audio/visual proofs of the investigations and answer all your doubts with deep investigations.

Our detectives handle cases of divorce, domestic violence, child case custody daily with extreme professionalism and expertise. We also provide legal advice in such cases. Therefore, for any matter related to the Matrimonial investigations, contact FIDA and get your work done by expert industry skilled detectives.

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