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Monday, 23 April 2018

Hire Private Detective Agency now in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore | FIDA

Often in our lives comes many moments where we get suspicious about various activities of any of our family member, employee, boyfriend/girlfriend etc. In such cases, we cannot involve police in our investigation as it becomes an official public document on records. It often jeopardizes the harmony in the family. Hence, we need the private detectives in such cases. They carry out the investigations in complete privacy between the client and detectives. 

Our private detective company, the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) specializes in all kinds of private detective services. We have extended our services in the city of Delhi, Noida and Bangalore. These high end cities have recently reported many cases of crimes, frauds etc. which are often untouched by the police due to their public nature of investigations. We provide pre and post marital investigations like background checks, information about any previous divorces, affairs or any legal cases, objectionable addictions or any other unacceptable behavior of your partner or partner to be.

All the kinds of complex corporate and personal cases are handled by our professional detectives and investigators with sheer brilliance and dedication on a daily basis. We have an exceptionally satisfying experience to our clients and make their lives clear and away from their doubts with our resources.

The First Indian Detective Agency specializes in:

                     Personal Investigation
                     Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation
                     Loyalty test Investigation
                     Corporate investigation
                     Financial Fraud Investigation

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The nature of the investigation however decides its duration and in our agency with the best combination of technology, a skilled and experienced team of professional investigators the duration is reduced and the outcomes are more satisfactory than any other detective agency in the city. The latest comprehensive tracking software, analytical system, vehicle GPS tracking tool, advanced tools for the sting operations with other latest technological software assist our team in their investigation and bring out the clear truthful results backed up with valid documents and audio/visual proofs.
It is always better to know the exact truth than living in delusional world. Hire FIDA and get your life sorted backed up with good quality legal advices.

Consult today for more inquiries on our personal & Private detective services. You can consult us directly via phone +91 9810 186410 or drop a message via email to fix an appointment!

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