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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Private Detective Agency Services | First Indian Detective Agency

Working undercover is a risky and tricky business but private detective agencies have mastered this art. Private detective agencies these days offer a number of services like pre and post matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, background checks, insurance investigations, financial investigations, employment screening, fraud investigations, and surveillance etc. These services require a keen observation and sharp investigatory skills that are possessed by the highly skilled and experienced detectives and investigators of a private detective agency.

There are many situations in our life where we have the moments of doubtfulness. It may be regarding any of the issues like marriage, family issues, problems related to property and business. Even in the corporate world of tough competition, there are times when it becomes important to keep an eye on other competitors to outshine in the world. It is always better to know the exact truth than living in a delusional world. If you are having any second thoughts and doubts about the loyalty of your partner it can take a toll on your emotional being and affect your happiness. It is necessary to have peace of mind in order to be completely happy. There may be some suspicious activities of your partner that you cannot handle directly as it may fall back on you and affect your married life negatively. Private detective agency is a great help in such cases. One of the best private detective agencies that provide all kinds of personal and private investigations is the First Indian detective Agency (FIDA). It is headquartered in New Delhi. FIDA specializes in
  • Personal Investigation
  • Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Loyalty test Investigation
  • Corporate investigation
  • Financial Fraud Investigation
  • Adultery
Detective Agency in Delhi, Best Detective Agency in Delhi

Every day the investigators of FIDA deal with cases involving embezzlement, policy violations, extortion, industrial espionage, trademark and patent infringement, counterfeiting, and other corruption matter.  With a highly experienced team that provides best analytic detective reports in every case provide all the documents and proofs supporting the truthfulness of the investigation. FIDA also offers legal advice on cases that require legal attention without any involvement of police investigations. All the matters are handled in absolute privacy between the agency and the client. If the client wishes, he/she can remain anonymous too.

All the investigations that are carried out in FIDA are with the help of advanced technology. Audio visual proofs are also provided along with the reports. In some cases, as per the requirement and wish of the client, sting operations are also performed by the detectives.

Living in doubt can be dangerous; you never know the reality of a person until you are dead sure about it. Hire the detective of the best private detective agency, FIDA and set your mind free of all the doubts and live in transparency and happiness.

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