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Monday, 26 March 2018

Hire Best Detective Agency in Delhi for Criminal or Financial Investigation

As Delhi expanded, the property prices of land in outskirts rose astronomically and the land became gold. Many villagers sold their lands and became rich overnight. With wealth they began to indulge in politics and power-play in the city. The politicians from these villages like Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Takas, and Ballwin Khakhra come from criminal background. A nexus between the Police, criminal and politicians was clearly established. This nexus was very effective in 1984 violence against the Sikhs. During the anti-Sikh violence after assassination of Indira Gandhi, the Sikh taxi and bus drivers became easy targets. Now taxi and bus services in Delhi are controlled by same politicians and criminals were hired as drivers. This is how they began to control the streets of Delhi. The nexus between the outer Delhi politicians, bus service operators, bus drivers, taxi drivers and their connections to crime in Delhi needs to be investigated. Equally important is how to isolate Delhi Police from the influence of corrupt and criminally minded politicians and local criminals from the rural area of Delhi.

Nowadays, in Delhi, crime is increasing day by day. Delhi Police has its origin in a small security force, established in 1854, under the assistant of British Resident to the Mughal Imperial Courts. Delhi Police is considered to be having the most advanced administrative system in India. It believes in the principle of 'Citizen First'. Traffic control is very important in order to avoid accidents and in this field Delhi police is taking strong measures to assure safety to the people. But instead of this Delhi police is unable to control the increasing crime in Delhi and now a Days Delhi is becoming unsafe for people. So, to control the crime of Delhi there has been started some best detective agency inDelhi.

Private Detective Agency, Detective Agency in India

One of the best detective agency in Delhi among all is FIDA (First Indian detective agency). FIDA Detective is a world-renowned set-up. The name you can trust. Its specialization lies in client’s satisfaction. FIDA consists of a team of highly experienced and professional investigators expertise in different fields. Its detective agents are expert of confidential verification, investigation and inquiries for personal and business services. FIDA provides solutions to clients quickly, honestly and cost effectively relating to our services. We are one of the most reputed spy agency in Delhi NCR India.

It also provides best investigation report for post and pre-Matrimonial with complete details of bride and groom. Post Matrimonial Investigationservices. FIDA gained an expertise in offering a wide spectrum of services to their clients. It has been highly appreciated for the same as well. So, go and hire FIDA to improve your life and fight for your right.

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