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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Why Every Indian Moving Rapidly For Investigation Services

Nowadays most of the Indians are moving for investigation services, because of long distance relationships, extramarital affairs. I have seen a recent example of justifying this statement. My two friends Akash and vani were in a relationship from last 4 years, and suddenly they started realizing that they should get married now.

Happiest moments

After four years of togetherness, they have decided to spend their whole life together, loving each other. Their relationship was so perfect, there was an awesome understanding between two of them. They have discussed with their parents that they wanted to marry to each other, and their parents also agreed for their marriage. They got engaged, and their date of marriage is announced of after six months. Both were so happy. For Akash and vani it was a dream come true. 

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Marriage life

On the announced date they got married to each other. They have spent one year of togetherness. Everything was so perfect. Vani and Akash both are concentrating on their job. Vani has a very good friend in the office, whose name was Vijay. Vani has a habit of telling and discussing each and everything that happened in the office with her husband. Vani is very much impressed with Vijay’s work and happy go lucky nature. She likes hanging out with him also. But Akash never allowed him to do that. know more about pre matrimonial investigation agency in Delhi, India


With time friendship of vani and Vijay started growing. They were working on the same project in the office, so most of the time they spend with each other. Most of the time they do dinners together. Akash is completely frustrated with Vani's behavior; he started complaining to her that now she doesn’t give him the same attention and care like she previously does. Vani was attracted to Vijay, and with time Vijay was also attracted to her.

Extramarital affair

Akash was completely irritated by vani’s changed behavior with him. Akash doubted her; he finally decided to contact a detective now. Akash told him everything and paid him to find out what is going on behind his back. The detective followed vani for two weeks, and then he gave his report to Akash.


Detective told him that she is having an extramarital affair with Vijay, and he showed him their cozy pictures. Akash called vani and they had a very bad fight. Vani was speechless. She confessed that she have feelings for him, Akash said Vani to leave the house. After few days, Akash has filed a divorce case against her, and their happy marriage is destroyed now.
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